A Prosecco together

Aperitivo is a symbol of Italian life and has gained popularity on an International level.
At the end of a long working day, Italians everywhere take a moment to relax, social and enjoy a drink before dinner. Alberto Nani Prosecco is the ideal aperitivo, delicious on its own and perfect with small bites like Prosciutto with fruit.

An elegant dinner

Extremely food friendly Alberto Nani Prosecco enhances the enjoyment of a wide variety of cuisines thanks to its fresh taste and fine bubbles. For a typical Italian pairing, pair it with cod fish prepared in the traditional Venetian style.

From the garden

What could be a better match to an Organic
Prosecco than simple, genuine fare from the earth. Alberto Nani pairs well with vegetarian and vegan dishes thanks to its rich minerality. Try it with pumpkin soup, ratatouille or quiche Lorraine for an elegant meal.

Last but not least

Alberto Nani Prosecco DOC is the ideal wine to serve with dessert. The delicate sweetness balanced by crisp acidity pair exceptionally well with fruit-based desserts like apple pie, peach cobbler or a pineapple tart.